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DragGAN is an interactive image manipulation tool that allows users to precisely control the pose, shape, expression, and layout of diverse categories such as animals, cars, humans, landscapes, etc. It achieves this by allowing users to "drag" any points of the image to reach target points in a user-interactive manner. DragGAN consists of two main components, including a feature-based motion supervision that drives the handle point to move towards the target position and a new point-tracking approach that leverages the discriminative GAN features to keep localizing the position of the handle points. You can try the space on Huggingface here -

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Nabaraj Subedi

afzaal khan

Daniele Farruggia


Jitendra Mahor

Najimul Islam

gautam kumar

Photo editing

Hafrath Hafrath

Harish m

cool but it should give access to out pics

Harish m

cool but it should give access to out pics

DenilsonMello2000 DenilsonMello2000


Elbek Ismatullayev


Hupesh Sharma

Dragan ai

Amit Bera

Doug Assis

It's very promising for a successful release

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